Artist Statement

With my artwork, I will show you how I use Abstract Expressionism to create a sophisticated experience.
Consider taking a step back looking, breathing  and feeling my creation move through you.
Throughout my work, I strive to appeal to the viewer's emotions through color theory, a finished brush stroke, and a composition that doesn't reflect my own exclusive childhood, the mood and feelings are very present.
I deconstruct visual problems differently, because I represent several sub cultural biases. My response uses thought-out researched ideas clearly constructed through unusual colors expressed anonymously, meaning there isn’t a quick prejudice of his skin, gender or sexuality. My objective with art is a create a piece so the untrained viewers’ eye reacts with curiosity from exposure to shockingly intense colors and complementary design ethics for dramatic interpretation to inhibit emotional response and expression. 
The essence of my art is that it challenges your perceptions of good and bad and your judgment on black and white. In terms of my work, light is bad and dark is good, so if you want to understand it, you must surrender, step back, and just look at it, not just view it.