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 Jump Jump

Nana's adventure unfolds as her father recaps  a lively beach party filled with Auntie, Uncle, and an array of playful animals. On their way home, a mischievous gust of wind snatches Nana's wig, sending it sailing into the sea. However, instead of being upset, Nana chooses to laugh and express gratitude that the incident didn't happen during their joyful time at the beach.

Papito Says

"You should have seem her trying to grab for the wig."

Please take a chance to BELIEVE AGAIN.

Dare to like this simple story about family  history, humor and love. I was motivated to write this book after I noticed the world is changing again.
Life happens so fast we don't get to leave our marks on our children and grandchildren.We are so busy protecting them and no time to raise them. I am finishing several  books that I would like to share with you. Your penny or dollar or whatever donation is appreciated.( This image is from the other book I have been working on for years" The Family Spark")